Lift #2 at Greek Peak, NYEdit

This rickety old double chair cuts through forests and glades to bring skiers up to the center peak, where Greek Peak's largest glades trail is. Built in 1963, this C&S lift was later refitted with Borvig chairs, most likely sometime in the 70's (if installed new). Some chairs have newer CTEC restraint bars, and the other have the original Borvig bars. This features a tensioned return at the bottom terminal and a fixed drive at the top terminal.


Location: Greek Peak, NY

Type: 2CLF

Year built: 1963

Manufacturer: Carlevaro & Savio

Upgrades: Borvig

Vertical: 750 ft.

Length: 4300

Google Maps LocationEdit

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Greek Peak, NY - Chair 2 (Carlevaro & Savio Borvig)

Greek Peak, NY - Chair 2 (Carlevaro & Savio Borvig)

GoPro POV video of Lift #2


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