Lift #4 at Greek PeakEdit

This speedy Hall double goes up the left peak, where there is a double diamond trail and a double diamond glades. This lift is also the only way to get to Greek Peak East, where Lift #5 is. This lift starts a third up the mountain, and the only way to access it is by riding lifts #3 or #2, or possibly #1 and #1A, depending if Castor Connection is open or not. This lift features a combined drive/tension unit at the bottom terminal, with a Greek Peak built custom motor house and side loading, and a fixed return up top with bullwheel unloading.


Location: Greek Peak, NY

Type: 2CLF

Year built: Either 1969, 1970, or 1971.

Manufacturer: Hall

Vertical: Unknown

Google Maps LocationEdit

Be sure to turn on satelllite


Greek Peak, NY - Chair 4 (Hall)

Greek Peak, NY - Chair 4 (Hall)

GoPro POV video of Lift #4