Lift #5 at Greek PeakEdit

Lift 5 is a triple that is situated in a section of Greek Peak that is known as "Greek Peak East", which is on the left side of the mountain, and has a blue trail, a black trail, and a green trail, with glades to the side. The only way to access this area is by riding up Lift #4 and skiing down to the top of of this lift and skiing down one of the trails. Driving there is also an option. this lift includes a tensioned return at the bottom with a custom structure built by Greek Peak, and a fixed drive at top with another custom built structure built by Greek Peak. The first section of this lift gets pretty high, up to 100 ft, because it has to span a small steep part in the beginning.


Location: Greek Peak, NY

Type: 3CLF

Year Built: 1978

Manufacturer: Hall

Vertical Rise: 646 ft.

Length: 3229 ft.

Google Maps LocationEdit

Be sure to turn on satellite to see this.


Greek Peak, NY - Chair 5 (Hall)

Greek Peak, NY - Chair 5 (Hall)

GoPro POV video of Lift #5 (Zoom to 3:20)