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Include a brief description of the ski area, preferably with a link back to the state/country it is in.

Current Lifts

Lift Name - Manufacturer Year Built

Include complete name as appears on the ski area's website or trail map. If it is in a foreign language, but uses the Latin alphabet, include the original name and if you feel like it, include the translated name clearly marked. However, if the original language is in a a different script, i.e. Cyrillic Script (Russia), or the complex characters in eastern Asian languages, please try to include both the original name and the English translation (possibly by using a translator).

Past Lifts

Lift Name - Manufacturer Year Built-Year Removed

If you are uncertain as to the time the lift was built/removed but can provide an estimate, please include it and indicate the range of years it may have been built/removed!


Include some useful links such as the ski area's website, trail maps from, and the ski area's Wikipedia article. If it is in a certain region, other links might be appropriate (i.e. interesting websites such as New England Ski History and Colorado Ski History.

Include the ski area's logo at 700 pixels wide if possible.