World ChairEdit

This short Stadeli double serves some terrain in the Central area, and with the removal of the Coal Chute chair in 2013, it serves a little more. This lift has a side loading combined drive/tension Stadeli terminal at the bottom and a fixed return with bullwheel unloading at the top. The chairs are Stadeli  double chairs (the boxy ones) with mismatched center-pole restraint bars, possibly from a lift that this replaced. One thing I remember about this lift last time I rode it (like 4 years ago) was that somehow Stadeli engineers crammed 14 depression sheaves into one tower. The lift is also very noisy, especially that depression tower.


Location: Kissing Bridge, NY

Type: 2CLF

Year built: Unknown

Manufacturer: Stadeli

Upgrades: Mismatched safety bars, unknown brand, most likely Stadeli

Google Maps LocationEdit


The lift was closed the day I took video and pictures, so I don't have any footage of it. However, the lift appears numerous times in these videos:

Kissing Bridge edit 09

Kissing Bridge edit 09

by murphys1aw

Kissing Bridge 2014

Kissing Bridge 2014

Video by Matt F that shows the World Chair